Friday, July 15, 2011

Border Patrol Demands the Removal of a Memorial Cross for Teen Slain by Agent

Tucson – Nearly four months after the shooting death of Carlos Lamadrid by a Border Patrol Agent in Douglas, Arizona, his family has been ordered to remove a cross placed at the site of the murder.  Guadalupe Guerrero, mother of the 19 year-old, received the letter on July 14th, nearly four months after Carlos, a U.S. citizen, was shot in the back by a Border Patrol Agent.

Carlos Lamadrid, a US citizen, was shot in the back by Border Patrol.

The cross and other memorial items were placed at the site of the shooting within a week of the shooting.  Although dated June 29th, the letter was not delivered to his mother until today.  The letter states:  “The Border Patrol does not allow anything to be placed on or adjacent to the border fence because such placement negatively impacts operations and creates and unnecessary risk to our agents.”

The letter also states that the family has a period of five calendar days from the receipt of the letter to remove the cross and memorial items.  “If all items are not removed from the current site after that date, they will be removed and returned to you” the letter goes on to state.

On April 5th, Derechos Humanos and other community organizations joined the family in denouncing the murder of Carlos and demanding that the shooting be impartially investigated and prosecuted.

The Department of Homeland Security’s callous demand for the removal of his memorial demonstrates its intent to disappear this totally unnecessary death and the violence that reigns on the border. To date, Border Patrol has failed to provide answers to the family yet is attempting to erase history and remove any reminder of the human cost of their brutal policies.

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