Monday, July 11, 2011

Mexican drug cartels using social media


by KVUE News

More high-tech tools for drug cartels.  They're now using social networking to chronicle their crimes and spread fear.  There's also concern they're using some sites to track victims.
There's the drug war on the streets and then there's the war online.  YouTube videos, social networking sites, there's even  a blog, Del Narco, which offers an anonymous, self-described uncensored view of drug cartel activities.
"That is the Twitter generation," said Tony Payan, of the University of Texas-El Paso.  " Those people are quick. They know how to use these media, these new media and they know how to send these message. They know how to become viral practically in their messages."
Cartel messages rally supporters, threaten rivals, or try to intimidate authorities.  But there's also concern cartels are secretly using social networking sites to target kidnapping victims in Mexico.
Whether mining personal data secretly or sending a message to millions, social media is one more weapon in the hands of cartel criminals.

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