Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Border Partrol agent attacked

Although rare, sometimes the agents of the "migra" are attacked by aliens. Photo special to The Laredo Sun.
An illegal alien from Guatemala was charged with attacking a Border Patrol agent when the agent found him walking through the bush.
Wednesday, August 10, 2011
By: Special to The Laredo Sun 
LAREDO, TX .- Edgar Acevedo , a native of Barrio Villalobos in Guatemala, was placed under arrest after an investigation by members of the FBI because it involved an attack on a federal agent.According to the report of the case , two agents were on surveillance on northwest of Laredo, in the area of ​​Rancho La Mesa, near the Colombia Bridge Road in the area of ​​Mines road.
The officers saw signs of at least 12 people in the bush and began to follow them. Later they located several illegal aliens, but ran and the officers decided to follow them . Agent Eduardo Zamora confronted three of the undocumented and one of them resisted arrest , giving him several blows to the officer, who finally managed to submit him, but needed the help of other colleagues.
Zamora received a punch in the face and other minor bumps , scrapes in the struggle.

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