Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shoot a cop flier surfaces at Occupy Phoenix event


It's been two weeks since Occupy Phoenix took over downtown Phoenix.

Occupy Phoenix members are making headlines again and law enforcement officers are on high alert. A flier surfaced the event in downtown Phoenix that encourages the shooting of cops.

Bart Graves with the Arizona Department of Public Safety says a sheriff's deputy found it at the Cesar Chavez Plaza and reported it to the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center. Officials informed all local law enforcement agencies.

"Our investigation has begun, we're trying to determine who distributed those fliers. Who authored those," said Graves.

"It doesn't help the situation at all. It doesn't help our situation," said Paul Pachowski, a member of the movement. He doesn't believe it came from anyone in the movement.

"That I would say is not associated with Occupy Phoenix. At Occupy Phoenix we're trying to do it peacefully."

"I mean, I don' t know why anybody would distribute it, we're trying to be peaceful," said Desiree Longriver.

Occupy Phoenix says it wants to be as peaceful as possible, never use violence, and try to abide by the law. Lead organizers say they do not condone anything in the flier.

A couple of police officers at the Occupy Phoenix base at Cesar Chavez Plaza told CBS 5 they see these kinds of things all the time and that they're not going to operate any differently when it comes to Occupy Phoenix.

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