Friday, November 18, 2011

Secret drug locker exposes new smuggling tactics

By Tammy Leitner - email


A secret drug locker near the border city of Nogales, AZ contains millions of dollars worth of marijuana and cocaine, but a closer look also reveals the changing tactics of the Mexican drug cartels.

The room is no larger than 15 feet wide and 20 feet long, but it contains as much as $6 million in cocaine, meth and marijuana. All of it was confiscated from drug smugglers. What's most surprising is the way the drugs are packaged, in small brick-sized bundles.

"These bricks are the ones coming through the fence," said a Santa Cruz County Sheriff's deputy, who spoke to CBS 5 Investigates on the condition his identity remains concealed. Deputies who know where this drug locker is located could become targets of the drug cartels.

Designing bricks that fit through the fence is one way the smugglers are adapting. They're also sending packages of drugs through the sewer system in wrapping called sewer bundles.

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