Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Time For Lies Is Over

Throughout 2011 Narcoleaks has analyzed the international trafficking of cocaine by constantly monitoring seizure operations worldwide. We have observed the phenomenon incessantly for 365 days. We have gathered detailed information on more than 5,000 major anti-drug operations and compared the data with those provided by government sources. We have collected data on the most important seizure operations of highly pure cocaine. In the coming days we will publish the initial results of our research. We are at work to provide a picture as close as possible to the reality of current cocaine trafficking.

Transparency and legality are our guiding principles. Narcoleaks did not make use of any confidential document, nor infringe any computer system, or obtained information illegally. Narcoleaks has recorded and analyzed data and information disseminated by governments and ​​available to any citizen. Now it’s time to shed light on the issue, once and for all, and we have all the numbers to achieve this goal. We believe that a more effective fight against drug trafficking is possible, but to do this we need to start from reality, not from lies. The time of lies is over.

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