Friday, February 10, 2012

Border Patrol agents seize 6 tons of marijuana

Marijuana had estimated worth of $10M



Marijuan bust
EDINBURG, Texas - 
U.S. Border Patrol agents seized six tons of marijuana in addition to more than 450 vials of animal steroids over the last few days.

Agents in the Rio Grande Valley sector made one of the biggest busts Thursday. They seized 1,400 pounds of marijuana hidden beneath plastic tarps near Garceño.

Agents also found 500 pounds of marijuana hidden among a large trash pile near Garceño.

 The animal steroids were seized Thursday when agents responded to a call about possible group of illegal aliens near Fronton, Texas.

When the agents arrived, they found the steroids, which have an estimated worth of $11,000.

Agents also arrested a Mexican national who had been convicted of voluntary manslaughter., 
Additional seizures from Monday through Thursday brought the total estimated value of marijuana seized to $10 million.

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