Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Sinaloa cartel and the Zetas

The Sinaloa Cartel and Los Zetas are a growing threat to Mexico and Central America, whose countries are looking at a regional security plan that allows face a spiral of violence of organized crime from Mexico.
Throughout 2011, new acts of violence and seizures reflect the expansion of the two rival groups in Central America. For the Mexican government, the two groups are present in practically all the territory and for several months in Central detected the predominant presence of the two cartels.
The Sinaloa cartel has dominated in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama, but also in Guatemala and Honduras, said a law enforcement officer of the United States. The Sinaloa cartel is a historical group of drug that authorities say is headed by Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, considered by Washington as the Baron of the world's most powerful drug whose organization has extensions to Oceania.
He said the Zetas operate in Honduras and Guatemala dominate, where he has been identified as responsible for some of the most violent in recent months. In Costa Rica the authorities themselves have acknowledged their presence.
Central American governments in June began to outline a security strategy, which will be supported by Colombia, Mexico and the United States. They say they need about 3,000 million dollars to support projects to fight crime, prevent violence, strengthen prison security and strengthen institutions.
For Mazzitelli, however, movements of expansion of one and another are different by a different nature. "The Sinaloa cartel is a multinational drug and Los Zetas is a criminal organization with a paramilitary culture of land use and not business," he said.It found that Los Zetas "not necessarily interested in the drug, but cares who runs the drug", which rather than providing a path of traffic, looking for guaranteed control of a territory and any criminal activity within it. Been reported to have dabbled in extortion and smuggling of migrants. That's why, that Los Zetas have invested in legitimate business throughout the area, to control the political influences in positions toll you to control the territory. This is the case with the company involved in Guatemala, hydropower SA, where Ernesto Joseph Degenhart, is currently under investigation for money laundering to the Zetas.
Guerrero considered, however, still need more information to know the real expansion and how Mexican cartels operate in Central America, some of whose countries have a gang problem.
The UN expert said another stage forward could be that the authorities' actions against the two groups to achieve that "neutralize" both signs, which would open space for smaller organizations looking to resume drug markets, although possibly in a context of less violence.

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