Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Amnesty Granted by President Obama

06-18-12 The sellout continues. The laws of this nation are for sale. No need to have laws passed by Congress or even to issue Executive Orders when you can basically enact legislation on your own through restrictions on law enforcement officers and the issuance of rules and regulations. If you believe this will only bring forward 800,000 illegal aliens you better do some research. Expect millions. The deceit, lies, forged documents and other fraud will be rampant, just like it was with IRCA 1986. Enforcement will be lax. Claims will be rushed through in an attempt to appease activists. And this will solve nothing in the long term. It is designed to buy votes in November by turning the rule of law and the Constitution on their heads. It is simply disgraceful. There is no other way to describe it.

And to the millions of potential immigrants who are doing things the right way and waiting in line, this is what you get for obeying the law. Another slap in the face with a reward to those who jump to the front of the line and push you out of the way. If movie theaters, sports venues and concerts ran this way nobody would bother buying a ticket. Simply overrun the entrances and claim a seat without obeying the rules or paying your way. Then claim you are a "fact on the ground" and demand that you be allowed to remain. Those who stand in line and buy tickets will be locked out. What a country.

As usual, this news was released on a Friday so that the news cycles would refresh over the weekend and would decrease the scrutiny and coverage. If only people knew just how dirty politics has become in this country.

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