Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Arizona Republic Touts "Arrest of 6-Year Old" Girl in Website Headlines

Throughout the past weekend the Arizona Republic touted in bold headlines on its website that the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office had "arrested a 6-year old" on illegal immigration charges. An uneducated reader might believe that perhaps the MCSO had gone out and targeted a 6-year old girl for an arrest because of her apparent status as an illegal alien. This type of sensationalistic journalism is simply disgraceful. What really happened is that the MCSO arrested a group of adult illegal aliens and there was a 6-year old girl in the group. This type of thing happens every single day of the year all over the country, and has happened every single day of the year for decades. Women and children who are caught in groups of adult male illegal aliens are arrested. That is simply a longstanding fact. 

The irresponsibility of such attention-grabbing headlines is stunning. It is well known that Sheriff Arpaio and the Arizona Republic are not the best of friends, but where is the professionalism and integrity in journalism these days? What exactly was the MCSO supposed to do with an apparently abandoned 6-year old girl? Release her into the custody of the smugglers? While it's hard to determine the truth in these situations because almost everyone in these groups lies about everything that's going on, the real villains here are not the MCSO officers who were doing their jobs.

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