Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To the White House, Brian Terry Is Merely the Collateral

To the White House, Brian Terry Is Merely the Collateral Damage of a Failed Policy
To Us, He Was Family
 United States Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry - our son, brother, uncle, cousin and friend - sacrificed his life to protect our country. But that apparently wasn't enough for the White House to remember his name.

In a statement to the press yesterday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney stumbled and fumbled his way through a defense of President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder's refusal to furnish documents related to Operation Fast and Furious, the ill-conceived gun-trafficking exercise orchestrated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the United States Department of Justice.

Then, Carney failed to remember the name of Brian Terry, the American hero who became a victim of the operation.

brianterry12.jpgIn response to a question posed by ABC's Jake Tapper at yesterday's press conference, Carney said, "We have provided Congress every document that pertains to the operation itself that is at issue here when you talk about the family that you referred to."

Tapper, who explicitly mentioned our family's name in his question, had to remind Carney - "the Terry family" - he interjected in the middle of Carney's response.

"The Terry family," Carney repeated, apparently having not paid enough attention to the Fast and Furious scandal and the resulting tragedy to remember our names.
Jay Carney, since you forgot about Brian Terry, let me remind you of who he was.

Brian Terry is a modern-day American hero who loved life and lived it to the fullest each and every day. Brian Terry was a well-trained and well-equipped U.S. Border Patrol Agent who knew his job was full of risk and danger, but performed his duty admirably in the face of that risk and danger. Brian Terry was part of the "tip of the spear" that protected our country's border. Brian Terry was confronted by Mexican drug cartel bandits armed with semiautomatic weapons supplied to them via Fast and Furious, a failed "gun-walking" operation orchestrated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the United States Department of Justice. Brian Terry died a tragic, needless death at the hands of the drug smugglers.
That' who Brian Terry was.

But we should know more about Brian Terry and his death by now.
Who approved Fast and Furious?

Who had the power to stop it before Brian was killed, but didn't?

Why did the Justice Department take nine months to withdraw its denial that it had allowed guns to "walk" over the border into Mexico?

President Obama recently asserted executive privilege over the Fast and Furious documents that would answer these questions. If the executive privilege stays in effect - which it likely will until after the election - those responsible for the operation's flawed conception and botched investigation may never be held accountable. Moreover, our family may never learn what we deserve to know about Brian's death.

But no matter what, we won't forget Brian Terry. We will never forget.

We won't ever forget because we have established the Brian Terry Foundation not just to preserve Brian's memory and honor his service to our country, but to also help families of other U.S. Border Patrol Agents who have been killed or injured by providing ongoing emotional and financial support, establish educational scholarships, recognize the heroic efforts of current Border Patrol Agents, and raise public awareness of the flawed Fast and Furious investigation. It is also our personal mission to guarantee that the mistakes made by the Justice Department are never made again.

Because of Fast and Furious, some of the most dangerous criminal organizations in North America have been strengthened, and now many Border Patrol Agents are in the gravest danger of their lives.

Help us remember Brian Terry - as well as the U.S. Border Patrol Agents who came before him and those who will come after him - by contributing to our cause so that we may carry out our mission.

The White House may have forgotten Brian Terry's name, but with your help, we'll create a living legacy that everyone else will remember.
In the loving and enduring memory of Brian A. Terry,
The Brian Terry Foundation
P.S. Brian Terry lost his life protecting this nation, and it is very disappointing that we are now faced with an administration that seems more concerned with protecting themselves rather than revealing the truth behind Operation Fast and Furious. Please, join the Brian Terry Foundation and sign our "Never Again Petition," calling for our nation's leadership to never againrepeat the mistakes that were made by the Justice Department in the conception and investigation of Fast and Furious.

If you prefer to contribute by mail,
please make checks out to:
The Brian Terry Foundation
2575 E Camelback Road, Dept#3
Phoenix, AZ 85016

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