Saturday, September 6, 2014

Honorary Membership Package

Desert Tan Field Hat Flex Fit
We are offering an Honorary Membership to our organization. We invite you to become an Honorary Member to show your support for Border Narcotics Intelligence. By purchasing this membership you will then become part of our team. As a citizen of these United States, And are willing to uphold the rule of law. We will have you sign and Oath to preserve and protect the constitution of the United States. At times you may be called upon to help out with certain investigations we may do or to possibly file or locate certain documents in your area. By possessing one of our Honorary badges you do understand that you do not have power of arrest nor will you present your badge in an official capacity or in any illegal manner. Your Border Narcotics Intelligence membership includes. One of our Honorary full size badges in gold finish as well Four lapels pins Two of our official hats One Desert Tan and One OD Green. And our coffee mug. All of this for $150.00. Your items will ship to you the next day free of charge. We will also include one of our Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Challenge Coins Shipping is included.

Honorary Member Full Size Badge
Badge Pins..One of each in Nickel Finish and Gold finish 1" size and 1 1/4" size total of 4
OD Green Field Hat Flex Fit

Coffee Mug
Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry Challenge Coin Front and Back View

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