Friday, August 26, 2016

Young Bullrider Becomes Border Narcotics First Honorary Youngster Agent

Riley McCullough

Good afternoon from HQ. My apologies for not getting the courage post up a couple days ago. There was an emergency I had to tend to and am just now able to slow down enough to post.
Today I would like to introduce you to Riley McCullough. Riley is 9 years old, and, has been injured riding bulls. He was stepped on and broke his arm. I spoke with Riley's mother Elizabeth, here's what she had to say about her son: "He is our only child. I call him my miracle baby. He has one of the biggest hearts. Will help anyone and everyone. He has very strong faith. Is in youth group and junior choir at church. Is in 4-h and is a A-B student but strives to get straight A's. He started riding sheep at 3 moved up to mini bulls and steers at 7. It is who he his. He broke his leg a year and 8 months ago. He has a horse is raising his own bucking bull." Elizabeth also said that she herself had surgery 31/2 weeks ago and that Riley would not leave her side in case she needed something. "I've been told he has a old soul. He is a yes sir yes ma'am. Well mannered boy.," she said. I asked her about his arm being broken and she said, "he does not like it at all." Riley is a prime example of dedication and courage. I watched a video of Riley this morning i will share in a separate post. In the video, he is not self pitying. You know what he's doing? Thanking his fans, family and sponsors. Riley said, he's already ready to get back on. In fact his exact words," I"m ready to get back on boys!" and he has already returned to school. You will see that posted Riley's fan page below. His goal? To get 800 likes.
When I was 9 years old, I was so far from even imagining what Riley is doing. This is an incredibly brave little boy and I am privileged to say that he is my friend. That being said, it is my pleasure and privilege to introduce Riley as our first Honorary Agent in the Mounted Unit! Welcome aboard, Riley!
~Commander Jobe

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